7 de octubre de 2012

Moving blog to WordPress

Hey everyone!!

I decided to move my blog to WordPress and host it on my site. I've moved all the content from this blog to the other. I'll stop using this blog so:

Please visit www.chrisgranados.com/wp and leave your comments!!

Thanks a lot!!

3 de octubre de 2012

Chris Granados-Xian 3D Reel 2012

Hey everyone!! 

This is my new 3D reel for 2012. Also made a new web www.chrisgranados.com so you can go there and check the breakdown for each shot or watch the full commercials. Blog is going to change soon as well :) . 

Music by www.agentenaranja.com.ar, a remix made by William Noise Bleed

Hope you like it!! Please leave your comments!!

24 de noviembre de 2011

Neil Blevins at CGTalk

CGTalk just did a Meet the Artist session with Neil Blevins, one of the artist I admire the most.

Meet the Artist at CGTalk - NEIL BLEVINS

And here is the thread where he answered some questions. Too bad I got so late, haha. But it was a pleasure to read.

17 de junio de 2011

Class 1 Progress Reel

So, this is my Progress Reel for Class 1 of Animation Mentor.

Again, I really want to thank Don Kim for sharing all his knowledge with us. And of course, thank you classmates!! Without your comments and support this wouldn't be half of what it is, haha

Chris Granados Animation Mentor Progress Reel Class 1 from Chris Granados on Vimeo.

Music is from: Bajo Fondo Tango Club . The hat for my Personality Walk was modeled by my good friend Eugenio Pignataro

I have lots of stuff to learn :D

14 de junio de 2011

End of Class 1

Ok, this is a sad but happy moment. I don't think I've ever felt this way for school. I mean, I do want to take a break (because I had to work my ass off, haha) but I really want to keep learning from such great people (mentors and students).

Last Q&A was really fun, lots of shit chat and industry talking, hahaha. I want to dedicate this post to this great man: Don Kim, my first mentor. Man, I really learned from him. Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your experience and knowledge with us. Hard to find words to thank enough.

Coming Soon this week, Progress Reel from class 1 :)

5 de junio de 2011

People that stands out in AM

Sup guys!!

There are definitely times where I just can't critique someone's work. They are far ahead of me even though they're in my same class. And that's so awesome!! I can't believe how much I learn by looking at their work and sharing ideas with them.

So this post is just BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS, thanks to each and every one of my classmates. You're making AM time one of the best things I've done with my life :)

1 de mayo de 2011

Week 05 - Assignment

Some poses for this week showing Devastation. I haven't uploaded any animation yet cus I'm trying to find a way to manage the videos effectively without having to publish them in Youtube or Vimeo. So, sorry about that.

29 de abril de 2011

Last day at Muucine

Today was my last day at Muucine. I had an AWESOME time there, to say the least. Really great group of artists, all very talented. Thanks a lot guys!! I'll miss you!! Gracias chicos, se les extraniara :)

An old picture with some of them (yep, the same people who helped me win the Scavenger Hunt at AM by dancing like crazy, haha):

I'll start working this Monday on another production company called Gizmo. We'll see what the future brings.

28 de abril de 2011

Ball rig

Hey everyone!!

I'm not using AM ball rigs for the first assignments. I'm using a rig I did following the awesome rigging tutorials by Jason Schleifer.

I find it has more flexibility in the SS control, since it has rotation independence from the main control of the ball and you can change the SS pivot to anywhere you want.

You can download the ball here: BALL RIG (Right click, Save Target as)

It has a simple ramp texture applied pretending to be a basketball, haha.

Have fun!!

21 de abril de 2011

Animation Physics

Victor Escardo, a really talented and passionate animator from Uruguay and fellow student at AM, handed me this link:


Go to the Tutorials section and be sure to check every single bit of info in there :)

Thanks a lot Victor!!!

17 de abril de 2011

Egocentric blogging

I'm starting to realize this could be more than a space about myself only, haha. That's just too boring!! I think it's time to start sharing more and more.

Lets share :)

How to steal like an artist (And 9 other things nobody told me)

16 de abril de 2011

Week 03 - Assignment

Bouncing Excitement, ball poses... wow, this is starting to get really complex, haha

Stu pose revised (after the eCritique by Don):

NOTE: I'll revisit this pose again because I'm not happy with the way the corrections came out.

9 de abril de 2011

Week 02 - First Assignment

So!! My first assignment!! :)

Posing!! Please let me know what you think

Stu pose revised (after the eCritique by Don):

5 de abril de 2011

I won the AM Scavenger Hunt!!

Yeeeaahhh!!! I can't believe it. What a way to start this amazing journey. I won a T-Shirt and lots and lots of laughs.

I even got a comment from Carlos Baena himself!! Like a personal hero talking to me. Wow.

Thanks to all my coworkers at Muucine who helped me win this :)

7 de marzo de 2011

I got THE email

I got an email this morning and it says:

"...you're an official Animation Mentor student!"

Ohhhh yeah!!! I couldn't wait more to make it official here :D :D :D

Thanks Mom!! I Love You with all my heart.

20 de febrero de 2011

Motion Graphics Reel 2011

Ok, given the economic crisis, I have to make whatever I can to make money, hahaha.

I've always wanted to make a little compilation with my Motion Graphics work. So here it is. Hope you like it. Please leave your comments!!

Credits and very big thanks to Juan Geist, Rixi Gomez, Daniela Parasporo, Lorena Ruiz, Daniel Godoy and Eva Irungaray.

HQ Version:



Chris Granados Motion Graphics Reel 2011 from Chris Granados on Vimeo.

Music track:
Velandia y la tigra, So what? (Tons que). Oh Porno.

6 de febrero de 2011

Hosting problems

My hosting service was down for some time (like a week or so) and I moved the site to another server so the site is online again from today. Sorry for the incovenience.

18 de diciembre de 2010

cgx_wornEdges UPDATED

Look for more here:

Script for Maya, based upon Worn Edges from Neil Blevins

There is a new Help section in the script to clarify things further.

PD: And yes, switching to English only from now on. It's too painful to have to write every single thing in two different languages, haha.

11 de diciembre de 2010

Angle between vectors

Un companiero del trabajo me pregunto como habia hecho para encontrar el angulo entre los vectores (que es la parte mas importante del script cgx_wornEdges) para poder aplicar el mismo proceso en otros programas. La verdad es que en el script para Maya lo hice con una funcion especifica de MEL pero ese angulo se puede descubrir usando un poco de algebra lineal.

Hice otro script que hace toda esta matematica pero esta vez es Python puro y duro por lo cual lo pueden usar en cualquier soft que les acepte Python.


Basicamente tienen que llamar al script pasandole dos argumentos (los dos vectores) y el script les va a devolver el angulo en grados.

Puse cuatro lineas de codigo que pueden "descomentar" para testear como funciona.

Espero que les sirva.


PD: En Khan Academy pueden encontrar mas data sobre la matematica detras de esto.

A workmate asked me how I found the angle between the vectors (which is the most important process of the cgx_wornEdges script) so that he could apply the same technique in other software. The truth is that in the Maya script I used an specific MEL function but this angle can be found using some Linear Algebra.

So I did another script that does all this mathematic for you an this is just pure Python, which means you can use it in any other soft that works with Python.


Basically, you have to call the script passing two arguments (the two vectors) and the script will return the resulting angle in degrees.

I left four lines of code that you can uncomment if you want to test how this works.

Hope this will be useful.


PD: In Khan Academy you'll find more info about the math behind this.

7 de diciembre de 2010

Script for Maya, based upon Worn Edges from Neil Blevins

Buenas gente!!

Hice un script para Maya. Primero lo hice en MEL y despues lo pase a Python como ejercicio.

cgx_wornEdges at Creative Crash

Lo hice porque hace mucho vi esto en la pagina de Neil Blevins y despues en su DVD para The Gnomon Workshop y me parecio terriblemente util. CG Education

Les recomiendo usar un Warp Node como el de Binary Alchemy http://www.binaryalchemy.de/ para obtener mejores resultados. Yo tambien solia usar el Raylength de Binary Alchemy para hacer lo mismo que hace el script pero como es raytrace muchas veces los sampleos superaban ampliamente mi paciencia respecto a los tiempos de render.

Espero que les sea util como lo ha sido para mi. Cualquier feedback sera muy bien recibido!!


UPDATE(18-12-2010): Recibi mas feedback del que me esperaba (no me esperaba feedback a decir verdad, jaja) y estuve retocando el script, asi que ahi les va una neuva version. Todavia quedan cosas por hacer.


Paints hard edges, in a user defined threshold, using Vertex Paint.

Look for the Help in the script to get a lot more info about it.

Script based upon Neil Blevins' (http://www.neilblevins.com): Worn Edges Using A Distorted Vertex Map and his DVD for The Gnomon Workshop.

UPDATE(18-12-2010): I got more feedback than I expected and worked on the script (I didn't expect any feedback to be honest, haha). There are a couple to do's pending.

UPDATE(19-12-2010): Added a new option that creates a Maya Set containing the vertices used by the script. This will allow you to do things like growing or shrinking the resulting vertex map using Maya's vertex painting and selection tools. Also, cleaned up the code a little bit.

UPDATE(20-12-2010): Uploaded the wrong version yesterday, sorry for that.

UPDATE(19-01-2011): Fixed a bug that connected the vtxMap to an empty colorSet. Thanks Vic Fina!!

Chris Granados- Xian

30 de mayo de 2010

Demo Reel 2010

Ufff, tres largos años sin publicar nada en el blog. Pero bueno, que mejor que volver con un resumen!!

Terminé mi nuevo Demo Reel 2010. Lo pueden ver en mi página www.chrisgranados.com.

Tambien hay un mirror en Vimeo Chris Granados Vimeo

Chris Granados Demo Reel 2010 from Chris Granados on Vimeo.

Y un mirror en Youtube:
Chris Granados -Xian Youtube

Créditos y agradecimientos infinitos tengo que dar a Juan Geist, Ariel Ordas, Chiro, Ricardo Gomez, Magui Solla y Juan Jose Cuadrado, todos excelentes amigos y compañeros de trabajo de los que he aprendido millones de cosas.

El sonido, que es mejor que el reel en si, jajaja, fue editado por mi hermano Diego Granados. El tema base es de Nine Inch Nails.

Breakdown en Español.

Espero que les guste!! Muchas gracias por seguir visitando el blog, seguire publicando cosas pero esta vez más seguido :)

Saludos a todos!!!


This is my first 3D reel. I've been working on these 3D projects for the last 1 1/2 year or so. All these works where made for diferent TV shows produced in Cuatro Cabezas (Argentina). In the future I'd like to be a character animator, but for the moment I have to work to live, jaja.

Credits and very big thanks to Juan Geist, Ariel Ordas, Chiro, Ricardo Gomez, Magui Solla y Juan Jose Cuadrado, excelent friends and workmates from who I've learned a whole lot of things.

The sound editing, which is better than the reel, jaja, was made by my brother Diego Granados. The main song is from Nine Inch Nails.

Breakdown in English.

Hope you like it and please leave me your comments!!!

19 de agosto de 2007

Braun Experience TAG Comercial

Esta vez les traigo un TAG comercial que hice en Branderthal, productora basada en Argentina. Este trabajo tiene la particularidad de que fue hecho con fotos en su totalidad. Los lugares de los viajes son fotos que yo recorté y pinté en Photoshop, separándolas en layers, para dejarlas listas para animar en After Effects. Las que más me gustaron fueron la de los Formula 1 y la del tipo eskiando. La base gráfica y conceptual la hicieron, respectivamente, Carolina Bock y Daniel Godoy, compañeros de Branderthal.

Click to Play



15 de agosto de 2007

Movistar Motorola CQC (Caiga Quien Caiga)

Buenas gente, aquí les traigo un trabajo que hace poco terminé para CQC (Caiga Quien Caiga), un programa de TELEFE (Argentina).

Hubo un problemilla con los tiempos de lectura (están medio apretados), pero la versión final tiene dos segundos más. Las moscas y la animación del CQC final (3D) me las pasaron y yo las acomodé al resto (las hizo Chiro, un capo del 3D). Espero les guste!!! (Gracias a Juan Geist, quien hizo toda la base conceptual y me ayudó un montón!!)

Click to Play



8 de julio de 2007

Xian Demo Reel 2007

Buenas gente, aquí les traigo mi reel de este año. Espero les guste!!! Ahi están mis datos de contacto también!! Debo agradecer a Javier Bravo, Marcelo Alcaraz Fernando Nardone y Nilo, mis compas de Branderthal y Formar

Click to Play

Para descargar el reel en resolución más grande (Click Derecho, Save Target As o Guardar Destino como):

Descargar Chris Granados- Xian Reel Hi-Res



11 de abril de 2006

Arrancamos en serio

Buenas!! :)

Ahora si arrancamos, espero seguir viéndolos por este espacio. Empezaré a publicar cositas!!

Abrazo a todos!!!